Diane Dyal

Jesus Christ Is Born

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“Jesus Christ is Born”! 

Diane Dyal

Sing Praises

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Honorable Mentions

First to My Sweet Savior Jesus who is Lord of my Life.


I would like to personally thanks

Claire for always looking out.

Sistah Girls
(you know who you are)


My Mommy and Daddy. My Children and Grand Children I Love you Sooo Much. To my Sisters and Brothers thank you for being a part of my life. Hugs and kisses To My dear friends (you know who you are) and my BFF. Thank you to all those who believed in me when I was a little girl who shared their Love and Contributions.  To the Church of the Nazarene (the light house on the corner), I can’t say it enough. Thank you Tarence and Hopetan for having patience with me. Oohwee Paul, Siraj and Chino. Perry who made it happen on the first CD. Michael thank you. To all those I have not mention Thank you as well. May God Smile on all of you always .

Love you Diane


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Remember GOD Is SO In Love With You