I’m Diane Dyal.

“Through God’s divine direction, it is my purpose to lead people to be encouraged, saved, healed, and delivered through song. If one soul is touched and transformed by my music, that’s a soul being saved.

It is an honor to be used for His glory.”

Diane C. Dyal is the third of six children (4 girls and 2 boys).  She was raised in Springfield Gardens, Queens, New York in a small, lively home that was often filled with music. Diane, who is now blessed to be a mother and grandmother, recalls a few life events that lead her to singing, writing, and producing gospel music.  

At the age of five when Diane came home from kindergarten class she found her mother busy on the telephone with her grandmother, so she wandered into the pantry and started singing. Her mother immediately stopped talking and said, “hold on,” then turned to Diane and asked, “can you sing that for me again?” Diane said, “no”, and ran off. Eventually Diane stopped running and started singing in the Sunday school choir at the Springfield Gardens Church of the Nazarene.  Diane also sang duets with her mother during worship services, and began performing in bible based skits and plays. 

At one Sunday service, eight-year-old Diane first harmonized with her best friend to the song, “I Made a Vow to the Lord.” The congregation took notice, encouraged her to sing more often and started requesting solo performances.

At age ten, this industrious young singer found a way to add to her budding star power, her wardrobe, and her toy box — all at the same time.  She had to be clever because there were five other siblings competing for attention, clothes, and toys from Mom and Dad.  Diane came home from school one day and informed her mother that in celebration of Black History Month, the school was putting on a play. She asked her mother if she should participate. Her mother responded, “Of course. Why wouldn’t you?” Diane replied, “If you want me to, I need you to make a maxi dress for me to wear in the play, and I want a pair of roller skates” (well, you’ve heard it before… ask and you shall receive. Diane received both)!

Diane’s father found out that she was starring as Mahalia Jackson in the play, so he bought Mahalia Jackson’s album and printed the lyrics to “He Got the Whole World in His Hands” to help her practice. At the end of the performance, Diane happily bowed to a standing ovation, but what mattered most to her was seeing her mother smile during the show. After that, Diane’s father had her take piano lessons. 

In reminiscing about her parents, Diane describes her mother as a very sweet Christian woman from Harlem and her father as a strong Jamaican man who believed in rules, regulations, decency and order. These characteristics helped shape Diane to be a kind and blessed God-fearing woman.

A few short years later, the Women’s Auxiliary Club at Church of the Nazarene raised funds to enable 14-year-old Diane to attend the Brooklyn Conservatory of Music in Flushing Queens, New York.  Diane took vocal lessons and music theory classes and began giving concerts at her church as well as other churches. Diane attended Springfield Gardens High School where she starred as Dorothy in the play, “The Wiz,” and where she performed in numerous spring concerts.

During her membership at The Greater Allen Cathedral Church (GAC) – formerly known as Allen AME (Allen African Methodist Episcopal) church led by Reverends Floyd H. and Elaine Flake, Diane was a lead singer in The Voices of Victory Choir.  Diane briefly attended Perfecting Faith Church in Hempstead, Long Island, led by Pastor Donnie McClurkin. Her current home church is First Baptist Cathedral in Westbury, Long Island, led by Bishop Lionel Harvey.

Throughout her adult years Diane has performed often including, but not limited to, a role in the play, “No Me Dane La Raza (Don’t Mess Up Our Race)” — a limited engagement musical held at Bronx Community College in May 2016, annual performances at the awards ceremony for the Hollis Local Development Program (scholarship program for high school graduates), a concert held in honor of her late mother, and at various New York City Police Department events.

Diane C. Dyal Music Ministries:
As a result of the turmoil of 9/11, Diane began to write poems. A co-worker and fellow singer who read them advised her that her poems were actually songs. Diane continued to write her “poem-songs” which began to pile up in her keepsake box. Occasionally, she’d pull them out and use them to work with different producers, experiencing much success. Her first CD entitled, “Lord it’s You”, was made with producer Perry McNeil. The first concert promoting the CD was held in October 2013.

Blessed with an excellent support system, Diane currently works with producers Tarence Farrell and Hopeton Smith — men who love the Lord.

To promote her latest body of work, Diane was interviewed by DJ Dwayne Gott during the “Gospel Praise Mix Down” show on the Donna Watson Gospel Show Network. The interview was conducted just before showcasing her song entitled, “Waymaker”.

Diane continues to write and produce music to honor God and to help people. It is her express desire to get more people to enter into the kingdom of heaven. Her 2021 Release “Way Maker” is set to be available to the public by early June of 2021.

To GOD be the Glory!

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